You can cancel, for about 9 months. Then you have a hefty fee.

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  • Gregor

    At a small price you can remove the subscription component

    • Johnny Alpha

      For a hefty whack you can pause subscription for 9 months

      (what am I saying “hefty whack”!!? Try small fortune!)

      • Gregor

        And then you’re locked in to a whole other mess that you can’t easily get out of in a legal way, years and years of additional duties just for that 9 months period free episode.

        • Johnny Alpha

          Tell me about it! Just got a letter from one of the Dirty Daughters college, “could I come in and have a talk about her attendance record” – her 2nd warning apparently … sheesh, the future looks bleak enough without fucking it up yourself!
          Time to put the ‘daddy’ hat on :/

  • FATeemo

    I always happy my other half has her periods. She keeps scaring me with “my period hasn’t come yet”.

  • Vladislav Richter

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■ I guess you have to pay
    (⌐■_■) late fee

  • Mona_Lisa

    omg are you dating my ex?

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