Owls without feathers

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  • Vladislav Richter
  • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

    What’s with the naked animals?

    • Das Puggy

      I’ll bet you you’re naked under your clothes.

      • Gregor

        [Arguing over Magrat’s wearing trousers for a long broomstick flight]

        Granny: “I don’t ’old with it. Everyone can see her legs.”
        Nanny Ogg: “No they can’t. The reason being, the material is in the way.”
        Granny: “Yes, but they can see where her legs are.”
        Magrat: “That’s silly. That’s like saying everyone’s naked under their clothes.”
        Granny: “Magrat Garlick, may you be forgiven.”
        Magrat: “Well, it’s true.”
        Granny: “I’m not. I got three vests on.”

      • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

        How’d you know!? Stalker….



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