This restaurant in Austin, Texas, is catching the US up with the rest of the world.


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  • Gregor

    Just imagine, an employer that gives the employees an actual wage

    • Richard Rejmer

      Welcome to Australia. . . No tipping. . . Waiting staff are paid a liveable wage. . .

      • perthaussieguy

        I have tipped when I have had exceptional service but, as you say, it’s voluntary

      • Welcome to Finland, tipping has never been a part of our culture.

    • Haze1nut

      Except it’s not the employer, it’s still the customers. It’s just not voluntarily, now. This “raise the menu prices” strategy has been discussed countless times in the US. But no one wants to pay $15 for 2 chicken taquitos.

      • liuping

        Strange how it does not cost $15 for two chicken taquitos in Australia, or other countries I’ve visited where they pay the staff a decent wage, and don’t do tipping.

        • Haze1nut

          Except… you know… it does. The US costs of eating out is one of the cheapest in the world. By far. Feel free to look it up. Because youre expected to tip, as opposed to places were tipping isnt expected but the menu prices are higher instead, as this restaurant AND Australia. So restaurants can charge less. Also, feel free to check out both the reddit thread and Facebook thread of this posted pic. About 99% of servers are against it, as it promotes no tipping, and most claim to make a few hundred a day on tips alone. AND everyone has made it clear that prices at this restaurant are noticeably higher. Also, not sure why you guys truly seem to believe that restaurant owners outside of the US are just more angelic and benevolent beings… but they’re not. everyone is greedy and in every country in the world, the money comes from the customers in the end. One way or another. As i said the last time this stupid issue was brought up, i was a server in Paris, AND London when i was a kid. I promise you guys, i was most definitely 100% NOT making a good living…

          • liuping

            No it does not cost $15 for 2 taquitos in Australia. It does cost more, but not significantly so, after including tip and tax in the US.

            I don’t care if the price on the menu is less. If I have to add 18% tip and 8% tax anyway, just include it in the price, and make sure the staff is paid appropriately.

          • Haze1nut

            I love it when people on the internet are deliberately obtuse. Although it does make me feel a bit creepy, as if im talking to a 5 year old over the internet. And you dont have to add anything in the US. It’s optional. Staff still have to be paid minimum wage by the employer. That’s already been repeatedly clarified in these posts. If tips dont add up to the federal minimum, the employer is legally obligated to make up the difference.

          • liuping

            The Federal Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour in the US. Even if they do actually “make up the difference” it’s hardly a living wage.

          • Haze1nut

            It’s no different in the rest of the world. Servers are at the bottom of every wage scale in every nation, just struggling to stay above water. Including Australia. No server in the world is living large. So what’s your argument?

          • Charles Cochran

            I live in a tourist town. A lot of people only work the seasonal (6/12 months with 3 months being peak). I have friends that make 150-250/night during peak season (and sometimes more, but minimum 150). That comes out to a bare-minimum of 15/hr (they will not work over 10 hrs/day) and upwards 25/hr (again using 10 hr work day).

            During peek season they do this for 90~ days straight which comes out to 6k/mth~ in TIPS. They will also be getting paid whatever the rate is (for me as a server 15 years ago it was like 2.15/hr). And if you figure the other 3 months are at 150/night 4 nights a week that’s 2.4k/mth in tips for non-peak months.

            In 6 months they make 25,200 in tips. If you figure in hourly rate as well 480 (20 hr weeks for off season) + 960 + 25200 = 26,640.

      • Gregor

        The customer always pays in the end, so what else is new, do you tip your pilot when you step of a plane, do you tip the delivery person when you get mail, do you tip the salesperson when you buy a new tv in the shop, so why should foodservice be any different?

        • Haze1nut

          Post are fully self sustained entities and salespeople tend to work on commissions, which is basically the same consumer based pay system so not sure what arguement you were trying to make there. And im going to completely pretend that you didnt just compare a skilled profession to an unskilled labor job. So just to answer your question: For the same reason medical practices in the US are apeshit. For the same reason you can’t ban guns in the US. Culture. Established culture is very hard to change in anything other than a dictatorship. People claim to be willing to pay more taxes for universal healthcare but come voting time, no one actually does it. People claim to want to tighten gun laws but come voting time, the people for gun rights get voted in. People claim to want to pay higher prices for food just so that their servers can get “proper” pay, but come dining out time, they dont. This restaurant is ALREADY struggling because of their higher prices, and it just opened. No one wants to pay. It’s easy to talk. Actions are harder. Plus, again, most servers actually prefer their pay system. The US server makes a better living than their world counterparts thanks to the tipping culture.

      • Das Puggy

        How about you just pay everyone zero, and they have to rely on bonuses to live. Sounds like user fees. And as everyone knows, user fees are the best taxes to pay if you have to pay taxes.

        • Haze1nut

          In other words, let people’s skills and services be the sole decider of what kind of living, if any, they make. Bring back natural selection to the human race. Survival of the fittest. Thin out the herd, if you will. Sure, I’m game.

  • Rokas Akanichas


  • Pickles

    There are many sides to this… my wife served tables at a restaurant for a few months. Her take home pay was low (~$10/hour), but she brought home easily $150+ in tips per night for 4 hours work. She was attentive and very polite to the customer… thus got tipped fairly well. Plus, you are able to save on taxes since tips are cash and not tracked… but of course we reported every penny!!!

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