No murderous deity required


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  • NotMark

    Afterlife! I just finished watching this series and it is beautiful!

    • Dallas Goode

      Check out love, death + robots everyone I’ve put onto it has loved it

      • NotMark

        Ok. I will. Thank you. 🙂

      • NotMark

        I have started and so far it was a good call thank you. The first episode was weird but good weird and the second was very funny. 🙂

  • NotMark
  • Entity

    Isn’t that Philomena Cunk?

    • Johnny Alpha

      yep! ;D

    • Tanya Wicht

      Yes, it is Diane Morgan who also plays Philomena Cunk.

  • Egekilde

    I love this man.

  • Kelvin

    Because if all that keeps you from raping and murdering is the fear of punishment by a higher being, then let me tell you that you’re a piece of shit.

  • Fobia(Kadin)

    This was Penn Gillette, not Ricky Gervais

    • perthaussieguy

      Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gregor

      This has been said by a great many people since long before christians showed up, so even Penn Jillette wasn’t the original

  • Richard Rejmer

    If your own logic and compassion and empathy can’t help you to control your behaviour towards other people, but instead the way you act with other people and control yourself is because of a perceived threat of punishment when you die. . . then you are a psychopath – in the true meaning of the word.

  • RaddClaw

    Great show by the way… I love almost everything Ricky does

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