Absolutely decimated


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  • Inaba

    man, wouldnt it be great if people didnt have self destructive interests
    if we were all robots that spent our our free time being productive, not that we’d have free time
    what’s the point in having personal housing? if we just put bedrolls in a room next to the factory, you dont have to waste an hour in transit and can get more work done
    is it not the utopic goal of humanity to have a bigger gdp than your neighbor?
    heck, why have neighbors, if we all meld into one massive worldwide factory, we can take your number, and put it ontop of our number, and then we can all enjoy our big number together
    enjoyment of number limited to 5 minutes a day
    time spent enjoying deducted from pay

  • Johnny Alpha

    “Absolutely decimated” – someone should join The Daily Wail and help them write “hilarious” a few more times …

  • Dennisch

    Silly inbred talk.

  • Patchy

    The british royal family is on the same level as the kardashians these days. They are pointless celebrities.

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