I will have no memory of this place


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  • Johnny Alpha

    I sure that I’m not the only one whose attitude to drink with company changes –
    I can sit and get abstemiously drunk with an old mate whilst putting the ‘world to rights’, get hooned up with a bunch of mates (especially if sport is involved), enjoy a bottle of wine with a lady – but one thing I can’t do is stand around making chit-chat whilst holding some piss-poor chardonnay, listening to a witless mother harp on about how gifted Marcus is … nothing can dull that!!

    • Das Puggy

      That’s when you break out the martinis. I can go from intelligent and charming to major-pain-in-the-host’s-ass in half a martini, if it’s before dinner.

      • Johnny Alpha

        with you on this, but for me it’s tha ‘Belgium beer’ !!

    • brujah1381

      Well, to be fair, Marcus is a fucking legend

      • Johnny Alpha

        The eponymous ‘mother-fucker’?

  • Paul Roche

    Who wastes Jameson on a shot?

    • Johnny Alpha

      Those who can afford a bottle …

    • Vava

      When it should really go down the sink.

    • brujah1381

      Someone with so little self control he can’t go out in public without embarrassing his girlfriend

  • Raedwulf

    I feel the same way about tequila.

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