Ecstasy and agony


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  • The man that did that thing

    Does she faint and then experience the terror again fresh when she wakes up? xD

    • Andre Poreskin

      Yes, I concur with your assessment.

      Wow…I almost feel sorry for her but then there is an odd, beautiful magnificence in watching it at the same time.

    • Johnny Alpha

      I think she passes out again right at the end …

  • Raedwulf

    That tube top had some harmonic issues.

  • a455olds

    Sweet Jesus! Imagine fainting and waking up mid free fall. That would be 10 times more terrifying than the initial part of the ride.

  • Ashen

    there both sex faces lol

    • PATMAN

      sorry……can’t..resist… they’re*

      • Ashen

        no as in “over there, both sex faces”

        • PATMAN


  • Sergio Cuquerella

    I love fainters. its like why in hell did you get in there in the first place? peer pressure? I cant even imagine what amount of terror takes for some one to past out… i wonder if they loose sphincter control when they do…

  • Frank Wafaee

    when the D is too good

  • Richard Rejmer

    Ecstacy?. . . . .Or Terror?
    Either way, the seat’s gonna be wet. . .

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