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  • Johnny Alpha

    Some people have very weird ideas of what our (European) laws actually mean; in an attempt to curtail ‘hate mail’ and ‘botting’ the EU has made providers responsible for content – the internet equivilent of making parents liable for the actions of under (legal) aged children.
    Who has handed out the largest fines to Facetwat and the ilk for social manipulation?

    • Rokas Akanichas

      Mostly yeah, but that can still open up a new can of worms. I just wish this was more thoughtfully analyzed, before going through.

      • Johnny Alpha

        It’s moving too fast – leglisation can’t keep up so the EU has applied a ‘brake’ process which means the people in charge of content will have to be careful how they use their accelerators …

        • Rokas Akanichas

          hopefully, yeah

    • Glaarg

      I think that’s Space Ghost?

  • Cayne

    I am genuinely curious how hoody and his crew are dealing with all this meme ending nonesense

    • Johnny Alpha

      LooooL!!! It will never end!! but seeing as we’re platformed through Disqust, surely that’ll be their responsibility?! No?

    • HoodieDog

      For now, it doesn’t apply to us because we are under the “€10 million annual turnover” triggered by the Article. There is some thought that threshold will be reduced, but that may take years.

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