Very worried about rotating shafts all of the sudden…


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  • Inaba

    you think it’s a joke until you watch some chinese security cam footage
    i miss r/watchpeopledie

    • Johnny Alpha

      *pshaw* they have plenty of Timmys

    • AcidMan

      Some of the moderators are recreating r/watchpeopledie with – it’s a relatively slow work in progress. Also, a shittier alternative is but it’s a little slow navigating their content.

      • Inaba

        the kiwiman is a frequent guest on the dick show, i think it’d be right up your alley

  • brujah1381

    Damn it, Ralph Dibny, we can’t take you anywhere.

  • Cayne

    its the gyrating shafts that you really need to worry about

  • RC

    Pretty standard warning on anything pto driven

  • Richard Rejmer

    There are some older (1980’s – 1990’s) safety videos that I saw, incorporating actual video footage of people getting tangled in rotating machinery. . SHOCKING stuff!
    The horrific damage and death that can occur in a couple of seconds is frightening. .

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