Bond James Coffee Bond

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  • Vladislav Richter

    Stirring his coffee?

    • Raedwulf

      It spill all over if he shook it.

  • Richard Rejmer

    True story. .
    1996. . . Venice, Italy. . . Just two streets away from Piazza San Marco, my wife and I were walking down the narrow street and saw Pierce Brosnan, sitting on his own in front of a little cafe, drinking coffee. .
    As we walked past, we said “Hello Mr. Brosnan. . We have enjoyed your movies”. .
    We said nothing more. . No request for selfie, no autograph, no handshake. . Just “hello”, really. .
    Pierce Brosnan’s reaction to this. . ??
    “Yeah. . Just fuck off. . . !”
    (We were already about 3 metres away at that point. . still walking away). .
    We were actually in the process of ‘fucking off’. .
    But he just HAD to be a cunt about it!

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