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  • Rohan Hampson

    I’ve heard people complain about this, but whenever I go shopping, they’re both sold in packs of 6.

    • Raedwulf

      Hot dogs in a pack of 6? Sure they’re not sausages? Though I would prefer sausages anyway.

      • Rohan Hampson
      • FizzPop

        We don’t get “hot dogs” here, or even “burgers”, in the sense the US Americans seem to refer to them.
        We rather name them sausages or vienna’s and then the whole thing, roll and sausage is called a hot dog.
        Same with patties. The meat patty, together with the round roll is called a hamburger/burger.
        I was originally massively confused and still don’t really understand why, when I come across US Americans referring to just the meat parts of those meals with the name of the whole meal.

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