This man is a genius

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22 points
  • Raedwulf

    Upvote for ingenuity, but I think I’m going to throw.

    • Mounty1103

      *up ?

      • Raedwulf


      • The man that did that thing

        Down. And attempt to do it even better!

  • Mounty1103

    butt boobs

  • James Denman

    The best part about this is that he couldnt possibly have painted that on his back, which mean someone else lovingly rendered boobs on his booty. And I think thats hilarious.

  • Gatekeeper

    Hopefully he doesn’t get locked up with that painted on his arse! His cell mate will love him!

  • Richard Rejmer

    You wouldn’t want to “Motor Boat” the cleavage he has painted on his butt crack. .

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