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  • Andre Poreskin

    Flame me if you want, but I don’t find Down Syndrome children cute, nor endearing and view the choice on Gerber’s part just to be a BS marketing ploy.

    • Damien Hampton

      I agree

    • Novo Caine

      I do find them cute. Babies are cute in general, Down Syndrome babies/kids are also cute. It probably is a marketing ploy, but even so, it’s inclusive. I’m sure people with DS like seeing themselves included and represented. That being said, I don’t find the stories endearing. Stories about how people were told to have abortions because their babies had DS or some other kind of disability, but they didn’t do it, and now they have this lovely disabled child. People who have disabled children even though it was preventable are selfish and cruel.

      • Mrs. R. Gumby


        I saw this video on Facebook the other day, then I read your comment, I was thinking about this story… They say they might have kids, even though there could be a 25% chance the child has the same condition as the father… I don’t think I would choose to have children, if I was in their situation; I would never want a child to go through such a hard life, when even without disabilities life’s already so hard…
        I don’t know about abortion, though, cause it’s such a complicated issue, I can understand parents keeping babies even if they know the baby will have a disability (I don’t know how I would act in this situation, I really don’t), because having an abortion is a complex decision to make, but I have a hard time understanding why someone would choose to get pregnant knowing for sure there’s a good chance the child will have health issues like those =(

  • Chuck B

    @andreforeskin:disqus Are you even human?

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