Your facial hair says a lot about you


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  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    Osama would be happy to hear he was in fact, a super wizard.

  • perthaussieguy

    I guess I’m pretty much classed as a ‘Sea Captain’ 😉

    • Kev_S

      Me too, though appropriately enough my father-in-law has “Grandpa” length (because he is a grandpa). Meanwhile my Dad had a “Selleck” length moustache for as long as I could remember until he shaved it off nearly fifteen years ago.

  • Oy Vey

    I guess my wife will like that I get to be Selleck.

    • Tanya Wicht

      Oh yeah baby… (I have been drinking wine – i loathe the word baby used like that – lol – but i definitely paused over the selleck bit – lol – and yes that is an age test)

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        Let’s try a second test for confirmation, Sam Elliot?

        • Tanya Wicht

          Not that old yet – lol

          • Carlos the Dwarf

            You have a pretty narrow window. Sam is just 5 months older than Tom.

          • Tanya Wicht

            I guess I think of Tom when I seen him, in Magnum PI, and only have seen Sam recently (Only seen him in something on netflix) – so think of him as older. As I am not actually a fame fan, it is not something I would put a lot of thought into.

        • Kev_S

          Sam Elliot rocks.

      • Oy Vey

        Technically, Selleck is old enough to be my wife’s grandfather. She still pauses for him.

  • a455olds

    Super wizard! Now…. should I use my powers for good or evil?

  • daverbes

    Currently a wizard, but give it time!

  • Bruce Leroy

    Where does ZZ Top fit into this scale?

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