Hmm I can’t seem to remember


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  • perthaussieguy

    Why the heck would you mother-in-law be looking on a porn site?

    • Gregor

      Why not?

    • daverbes

      I take it she’s a porn star?

      • http://ᴡᴡᴡ disqus_oJtzaUHpw3

        Well… there are granny porn stars…

      • almightybeard

        Since no one else has said what the rest of us already know….Mia Khalifa

        • Shivers

          I would not have known.

          • BearnieZardoz

            Don’t know her or her name, but she looks hot.

        • daverbes

          Thanks. I truly didn’t know. I’m usually not watching their faces…

    • Daniel Emberton

      the same reason as everyone…watching porn.

    • Christie

      did not get the reference, thanks

  • eataton

    The family dinner got awkward when they remembered working together in the past. “Oh! I didn’t recognize you from this angle!”

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