Just goes to show that the preference for blondes transcends all boundaries


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  • Shivers

    I’m drunk and can confirm.

    (Am using scotch to kill my pain. It’s not working. :c )

    • Coffeeinator3000

      beer, what you’re looking for is beer.

      • Andre Poreskin

        Scotch > beer

        Except for the heavy peat stuff… Shudder.

        • Shivers

          I thought I would go my full life without ever encountering a scotch I didn’t like…. all the way from Johnnie no-age through to Arglebargle’s Premium Potting Soil.

          Just a couple months ago I found something I will never buy again. McClelland’s Highland. I found a review online that I can not disagree with. “Sipping this, can picture Grounds Keeper Willy from the Simpsons saying “Och!” in mild disappointment.”

          I have nothing further to add to that review. It sums it up perfectly.

          • Andre Poreskin

            Lmao, duely noted!

            While we’re on the topic. I tried the Achentosan (sp?) Three Wood last week. Utterly Divine smokey woody experience and under 100. Definitely not cheap but worth it IMO.

            Another good one is the Glennlevit First Fill. Under 50 and very nice. Better than their 15 year.

      • Shivers

        I tried that too.

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