Winning the internet

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  • Vader

    That looks, uh… hygienic…

  • Flockacox

    Let’s see how many people sue after contracting aids form it haha

  • clok

    i LOL at work and had the cube gophers out when i read this..

  • Das Puggy

    So, I got my wires cut 10 years ago or so, and I had to give two samples. First one, no problem. Second one had to be done at my doctor’s lab. There were young children in the waiting area. I was as discreet as possible when giving the lab tech the paperwork, and she – quite haltingly – asked if I needed a room. Nope, this was a DIY at-home renovation. She didn’t expect to see it come from my armpit, though. The sample needed to be as close to body temperature as possible.

    • Glaarg

      …but this needs some exacerbation. Please enlight.

  • Glaarg

    That was the only true answer. Bless you Voy-man

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