The great land of ‘Murica!


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  • Vladislav Richter

    “They see me rollin’…….they go eat a salad “

    • Glaarg

      Sweet Tomatoes FTW!
      I have never seen so many large people in such numbers as at that restaurant.
      (All you can eat, and not just salads!)

  • Alexandra Marie

    Genuine question: at what point in your life do you decide “fuck it, I’m gonna eat myself to death”?

    I’ve always been on the heavy side, with a slow metabolism (diagnosed hypothyroidism since I can remember), but I have always tried to maintain a relatively healthy weight (though, based on BMI alone, I am classed as obese). I know some people have mobility issues, but wouldn’t you try to find a way around them?

    • AcidMan

      That’s a pretty fucked up question since that’s not how it works. To me, it’s an addiction. It shouldn’t be treated any less than an alcoholic and alcohol or a smoker and nicotine or a drug user with their drug of choice. It often gets treated differently because healthy people who maintain a healthy weight and are active see it as already being easily obtainable and not much work required to follow a routine.

      There is no real easy support structure in place in this country (USA) for people who are obese (people who are morbidly obese are pretty much drowning with no lifeline to get up or change). We embrace a fast cheap meal as a healthy lifestyle choice from birth while reinforcing very bad eating habits. As far as I remember, there was no real point discussed in my education of how to live a “healthy life” outside of McDonald’s and microwave pizzas (not to mention not learning about taxes or anything actually useful other than standardized tests). In the USA, no one wants to pay for the support structure, people will slam it as socialism and ignore the issues while people continue to die to preventable problems.

      • clok

        I think its amazing how so many people think its such a simple choice. While the USA may lead (sorry to all you people who think we are #1 we are not) in Obesity rates, if you look at any data other countries are racing to catch up, and many rates in other countries are going up much faster then the USA did. There are so many things as you stated, as fast food is introduced to other countries and technology , obesity goes up astoundingly fast. The US just doesn’t fat shame as bad as most countries anymore ( we did with the best of them in the past) hence you see many people who are stuck in Mobil chairs etc.. out and about and not hiding at home. And to be fair many people in mobile chairs got there do to injury or other things, and being stuck in chair makes exercise hard ( 10X harder then for a “normal” person, so for all of you who go to the gym and stay thin, would you do it if you had to go 10X more? i doubt it) so they tend to gain weight.Yes there are plenty of people who just don’t care.. but as with all things, judging without knowing is pretty sad.

      • Alexandra Marie

        I’m not saying it’s easy. Believe me, I have first-hand knowledge on how difficult it is to kick unhealthy habits and addictions. I am a natural couch potato and at my heaviest I was a UK size 22. I have really bad knees (even though I’m not even 40 yet) and arrhythmia. I am a comfort eater and every time I get depressed (which happens at least once a month), I am dying to turn to food to try and make myself feel better. Also, for me PMS (sorry guys, I’m sure this is TMI) is literally a whole week of constant hunger. So yeah, I know what it’s like to be addicted to food or unable to work out. But I would love to have an honest conversation with a person who’s depending on a mobility scooter to move around due to their weight and try to understand their thinking.

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