Anytime a girl is doing the angry chicken dance you are in trouble.


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  • Shivers

    I don’t see any chicken dancing at all, actually.

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      It’s when she has her hands balled up and by her face, not really a chicken dance

      • Alexandra Marie

        I think it’s more to do with her head movements, reminds me of a chicken pecking.

  • a455olds

    Nope anytime this crap starts, I’m leaving and I’m not looking or coming back.

    Come to think of it, that might be why I’m chronically single.

    • Snowstorm

      Depends what he had done. He may have cheated on her with her sister for all we know.

      Or he may have just texted a female friend and she’s a crazy bitch. We’ll never know.

      • Alexandra Marie

        My ex cheated on me with an 18 YO (him being 38 at the time). Not once did I pull anything remotely similar to that.

      • Flingebunt

        Doesn’t give her the legal right to destroy someone else’s property.

  • daverbes

    Isn’t that the same couple from the snap a while ago where she was happy after the tacos?

  • BearnieZardoz

    Something about the shape of that girl is off… Are the pants pulled up too much or what is it.

    • Novo Caine

      Definitely nothing wrong with the shape of her, but yes, those are very high waisted pants.

      • BearnieZardoz

        so that makes her shape seem a bit off…

  • Raedwulf

    Send the girl the bill for the phone.

  • Richard Rejmer

    What did he do?. . . Another girl is what he did.

  • Marcus

    Jirre… a chick must do that clappie in my face like that I will fuck her dad and never call him.

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    “I heard you posted that Ant-Man is better than Thor! Is this true? Let me see your phone!!”

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