Once again, Carl fails miserably at fitting in with the group.


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19 points
  • Gregor

    This is perfect group behavior, doing what everyone else does but completely missing the point
    now that’s a perfectly looped gif

  • Cayne

    yoshi tongue sound… YOSHI TONGUE SOUND

  • FizzPop

    Well, if George shifted up a bit so Carl could fit in between him and Leslie, he might be closer to to the bowl… But no – George has to take up all that space so he can try getting tongue tied with Leslie.

    • Flingebunt

      Carl is just keeping away from Evan who is doing that weird licking other people’s tongues thing again. Carl is perfectly happy where he is.

      • FizzPop

        I hope you’ll find upon reread that the one licking under the others tongue is George.

        • Flingebunt

          Then George probably shouldn’t move over, he should just fuck off.

  • Glaarg

    They all look like they are failing miserably.

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