They gave 2 concert tickets as a surprise for her birthday


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  • Dallas Goode

    This made me laugh

  • a455olds

    You didn’t need a crystal ball to see how that “brilliant” idea was going to end up.

    • BearnieZardoz

      Most people will need a working crystal ball to figure this out, though.

    • Flingebunt

      Would you have guess that they would wave their hands around the string and no grab it.

  • Trevor

    The concert was sold out…

  • brujah1381

    That’s something you do inside

  • Richard Rejmer

    The good news is they were tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. .

    • Chris Thomas

      or Air Supply?

      • Phoenyx

        You shut your face! Air supply is great!

  • Matt

    I’m angry at them for letting this happen. AND THEN JUST LAUGH ABOUT IT…. Now I have to take time out of my day, just to learn from their mistakes, as it doesn’t seem like any of them are willing to do so… So I have to take one for the team.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Well, they could get mad about it, but instead they chose to laugh. Either action has about an equal chance of popping the balloons and getting the tickets back, so it makes sense to pick the one that makes you feel good. I’d say they learned their lesson, but it baffles me how none of them thought of this possibility in the first place, so I can’t rule out them doing the exact same thing for the next one’s birthday, and the one after that.

      • Matt

        I was paraphrasing Jon Richardson (, but it does slightly annoy me, that none of them thought that far… but, yeah, generally I try to be positive and go with the happy options.

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          Thanks, he’s pretty good. 🙂

          • Matt

            He is quite funny

    • Flingebunt

      The tickets would be linked to their account and credit card, so they can probably just order new ones for a “small” handling fee. Even been to events where my friend forgot the tickets but we were able to get in by showing her credit card.

      • Matt

        For you as well. I was paraphrasing Jon Richardson (

        But yeah, I know they could very probably get the tickets again in some way, but the thing that annoy me a little, is that none of them thought that far.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Wasn’t a heavy metal concert.

  • Justin Geer

    Evil plan for someone, attach blank pieces of paper and let it fly away and tell them they were round trip hawaii tickets.

  • TheMatrix

    Fucking dumb bitch!

  • Glaarg

    Maybe another string to secure it to the box?

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