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  • Shivers


  • Agidy Yelov

    LolSnaps @&$!?#”:*!! Survey

    What profanity comes out of your mouth when you’re surprised?

    While English isn’t my first language, I do swear “F*ck” or “S#*t”, “Jesus Christ” if I had time to react.

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      Fuck is my disbelief, happy, or pain go to. Shit is my surprised go to

    • Not Jose

      Depending on the level required, it can be anything from a simple s#*t to a continuous stream of profanity.

    • perthaussieguy

      Because I work in many customers homes or office situations I have pretty well trained myself not to swear unless I am on my own.
      On my own, my often used phrase is, “Fuckshitbuggerwank”
      Otherwise it’s, “Ffffffar out!!”

    • Fokke

      Unpleasantly surprised, you mean I guess? In that case: kut (cunt).
      Fuck and shit are used frequently here as well.

      • Coffeeinator3000

        dont you mean fokke?

        • Fokke

          LOL. That’s what other people say.

      • Gregor

        “Verrotte, gore ouwe snol, jij uitgescheten koude drol
        Je bent een vieze loopse hond, je kop is net een blote kont
        Verlepte sloerie, lijpe trut, portiekhoer, slet, spinaziekut!”

        • Fokke

          Ah, the ‘flux de bouche’ of Robert Long.

        • Not Jose

          Not sure if I translated this correctly?
          Decayed, filthy old sl*t, you out of the cold, you are a dirty, warm dog, your head is just like a bare ass.

          • Gregor

            If you didn’t use a translate service then close enough
            google translate will get a bit closer but will still mis a few words

            “Decayed filthy old slut, you crazy cold turd
            You are a dirty bitch in heat, your head is just a bare ass
            Faded sloerie, crazy bitch, porch whore, slut, spinachcunt”
            This is what i can make of it with some google assistance

            It’s a part of a song called “The Civilised Tango”(De Beschaafde Tango) this came out when i was a kid and all of us at school would try and sing this correctly, specially these parts

    • FizzPop

      All three of yours are my immediate go to’s.

    • Alexandra Marie

      Oh for fuck’s sake

    • RaddClaw

      English is not my first language either so I like to look how they swear in various english speaking countries like Ireland, Scotland, Australia, etc.

      Some of my favorites are Jobby (pile of shit), Numpty (idiot), the classic Twat and a variation of Fucker in Ireland which is is just Fecker, the same but in a nicer way

    • Glaarg

      As an atheist, GOD DAMNIT! is my fav.

  • Raedwulf


  • Я Безымянный

    Pizdec Nahoi Blyad’!

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