Idiots everywhere


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  • Gregor

    Some people use enough plaster, paint and other assorted crap that they might as well be water repellant at some point

  • Raedwulf

    Some people should consider a course in grammar.

  • Haze1nut

    Humans are waterproof… is “skin” not something you learn about in grade school anymore?

    As for the other idiot, yes, seeking/using protection from the elements, is something even cockroaches do. I like to believe that adult human beings have a bit more sense than cockroaches…

    • daverbes

      Don’t get out much, do you?

      • Haze1nut

        I’m practically retired so i spend my time doing a lot of traveling. Why? Are you planning to ask me out? Because I dont think my wife would be ok with that.

        • daverbes

          I’ll bring mine, well have a party. But no, your comment about humans having more sense than cockroaches was … optomistic.

          • The Fuzz

            I’d say the same about his belief that his wife would be disappointed if someone took him out.

          • Haze1nut

            I badly want to believe in the human race.

          • daverbes

            Good luck with that. I gave up…

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