The state of the internet today


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  • Haze1nut

    Unfortunately, the interest in science just isnt what it once was. We’re(as societies) seemingly trying to go back to theocracies. I, for one, loved this and cant wait for the the damn JWST to launch.

    • Andre Poreskin

      Dark times indeed… Idocracy was a parody, not a roadmap ffs.

      • BearnieZardoz

        Says who?

      • Haze1nut

        President Camacho would actually be an improvement, though. At least the dude was smart enough to hire the smartest man on the planet. #camacho/sure2020

        • Andre Poreskin

          Right? Oi vey.

    • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

      3.2 million people disagree with you in the past 2 days…

      • Haze1nut

        Those are views, not people, champ. 1 view =/= 1 people. Plus there’s over 320 million people in the US, alone… you need me to do the math for you?

    • The Fuzz

      Corporatocracies/plutocracies. The religion crap is just to keep the rabble in line.

      • Haze1nut

        I wish it were. But, unfortunately, it isnt. If wealth and greed were in charge, we’d probably be living on mars by now and have a ton of diseases treated and cured. Expensive treatments and cures… but treatments and cures that would exist. But you’ll have a poor uneducated hard core religious person elected to office long before a rich atheist with multiple PhDs from all the top universities in the world.

        • The Fuzz

          LMAO nope.
          You’re hilarious.
          The reason we don’t have more treatments and cures is because of greed. If the profits from selling a cure aren’t guaranteed to be far higher than the costs to develop it, why would anyone invest in developing a cure?
          The reason we don’t have space colonies is because there’s no profit in it.
          Lots of countries elect leaders with little or no religious conviction.
          But I know you. You refuse to accept any sense, because you’re a religious zealot yourself. Your god is FREE MARKET which you think will make everything a paradise with no drawbacks. There are lots of you on the internet. Not really worth wasting any more time on.

          • Haze1nut

            Lmao. Youve got your tinfoil hat on too tight. Researchers dont see corporate money. Developing a cure and revealing it, is what they all aspire to. Using your logic, cures for smallpox, polio, and a million other crippling diseases, wouldnt exist. Hell most cancers can be cured if caught early. How did those cures slip by the illuminati??!
            No profit in space? Where do you get your info? There’s tons of precious elements in space. Much more than on eart. Infinitely more. Aside from putin, and the kims of north korea, name the last world leader elected that didnt pretend to be religious? Youre talking straight out of your ass, champ. With nothing but bullshit to back it up. The reason cloning stem cells hit a wall is because religious zealots beat greedy zealots every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • The Fuzz

    Technically, the photo is of the accretion disk. But that’s as close as we’ll ever get to a photo of a black hole, so calling it a photo of a black hole is good. Most people don’t know or care what an accretion disk is.

    • Das Puggy

      Schooling is useless now that Aunt Becky paid to have her useless kid go to university.

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