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  • perthaussieguy

    The first time I had freshly killed rabbit as a meal I thought it tasted and felt like chewing gum. It wasn’t in a restaurant, it was home cooked. Took many years before I tried it again and was pleasantly surprised.

    • mauq

      We had rabbit regularly growing up as well as other game. But I was surprised to find out that fast food rabbit places in my city were not normal anywhere else..

    • fanofde4ever

      I’m assuming wild rabbit. Any wild game, if not cooked right, can be tough, and have an odd taste. Rabbits and squirrels in particular do a lot more running/jumping/climbing than animals raised to be food. When my dad cooks them he puts them in the pressure cooker to make them tender before doing anything else to them (usually frying them).

      • perthaussieguy

        Yes. It was very wild … actually really pissed off I reckon when I shot it.
        In England around 1981 with a Webley ‘Osprey’ air rifle.

        • fanofde4ever

          I only got an air rifle recently. Most of ours were/are shot with shotguns. Usually while moving very quickly.

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          I’ve heard that adrenaline makes meat tougher. Also, if it was pissed off from being shot, I bet it was absolutely livid when you started to skin it.

          • perthaussieguy

            And severely miffed when it went into the boiling water

    • WereCatf

      I’ve never tasted rabbit, but it’s on the list of stuff I’d like to try one day. It’s unlikely I’ll ever get to do it, though, since I don’t hunt, I don’t know anyone who hunts and I wouldn’t know how to cook one, anyways.

  • Dennisch

    You’re supposed to use the summer to make them even fatter to make it into a nice autumn stew.

    • Gregor

      You should wait till christmas and let your kid care for it all that time, but not tell what will happen to Flappie

      • Karina Lozano

        That’s something that Old McMcGregor would say.

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