No touchy


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  • perthaussieguy


  • Skrlphhh

    what’s the problem? buy two anyways and finish what she doesn’t eat

    • Cayne

      they said they didn’t want any. so they doesn’t get any. communication is key in a relationship and if they are not honest or communicative then they are not a person worth being in a relationship

      • Alexandra Marie

        I sometimes think I don’t want fries, but then I smell them and I get a sudden craving. I have not had fries in a long time though. Staying off carbs and sugar for the foreseeable future. Yes, my life is sad.

        • Cayne

          I am on the exact same diet. fuck this diet I want my god damn mashed potatoes

          • Alexandra Marie

            I want my brownies. On the plus side I’ve learned to cook and bake stuff from scratch AND a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to fit into for a long time not only fit me now, but do not give me a muffin top.
            So hang in there, buddy, it’s all worth it.

          • Cayne

            I have lost 40 pounds. so I know it’s working. I went from an extra large t-shirt to a large and also fit into pants I haven’t fit into in a long time

          • Alexandra Marie

            Ohhh well done you! So happy for you and jealous at the same time. I only dropped like 14lbs, but had a relapse last weekend so now I’m back to square one.

          • Cayne

            it is really hard over the holidays I also relapsed as well and it has been hard to get back on the horse. but I really like making my own food. I am a damn good cook

          • The People’s Poet

            55 pounds here so far since January. Just cut sugar in my coffee, and smaller meals with more walking.

            Different things work for different people, but I am glad to see you are getting results mate.

  • MrPotato

    This needs captions

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