Imagine losing because of your penis…


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  • Vader

    You didn’t lose because of your penis. You lost because of your trajectory.

    • Entity

      He lost because the crossbar was too high, or the ground level was too low, I can’t decide which.

      • Vader

        He went plenty high. He didn’t go far enough.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      True, but chain of causality. The pole might not have fallen if he didn’t have outie genitals to snag it. But yeah the main thing was the trajectory.

  • Trevor

    You know you’ve watched too much porn when you have to do the oddest things just to get off.

  • Dreig

    *losing because of your penis*

    That basically happens all the time, our dicks get us in trouble constantly

  • Daemonius

    Buffalo Bill wouldn’t’ve lost.

  • Das Puggy

    This is why it’s best to be a woman, and all men need to die.

    • bkcp

      Women need to evolve to reproduce without men first then…

      • Alexandra Marie

        Or get over the urge to reproduce and let human kind die off.

        • WereCatf

          Oh, I like the sound of that plan!

        • BlackSwan

          Best case scenario.

  • Elusive7

    I misread the title and was therefore prepared for a far more horrifying video!

  • Richard Rejmer

    The sound it made as it hit that bar?

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