I just saw this in the car in front of me

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22 points

    True story…..

  • OhPoop

    I read the first wrong, but not the second

    • Coffeeinator3000

      I wrong that read too.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      I read the first right and the second wrong. I had to read the second line three times before I saw it.

  • Shivers

    Actually, I did not. But then, I’m drunk off my ass on scotch due to pain.

    • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

      I should follow your lead.

  • Harsh Puppy

    Is that you Digus Bickus?

  • RC

    Driving a mitsi pick up………no comment

  • Richard Rejmer

    I couldn’t read any of it properly, because of my big dick

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