And I can’t even catch my cat to cut its nails


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  • Я Безымянный

    Bit off more than you can chew, huh?

  • perthaussieguy

    After being shot, the bull shark was declared ‘armless

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      It’s normally illegal to shoot a shark but since it was proven that the shark was armed at the time, the shot was ruled self-defense.

    • Vladislav Richter

      *was disarmed.

      • BlackSwan

        He was shot to be disarmed.

  • BearnieZardoz

    Is the guy by any chance Australian?

    • Entity

      I think he was from Mississippi, it took place in Florida.

      • BearnieZardoz

        Ahhhh Florida Man, forgot about him.

  • Chuck B

    Except you can clearly see the fishing line. fake meme.

  • Harsh Puppy

    The boy had no insurance. The surgery ended up costing an arm and a leg.

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