Thank you Adult 4chan Man!

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  • Gregor

    The weaker person/group is always the preferred enemy since the real ones are usually the ones in power or at least to strong to easily attack, so the those weak of mind and morals rather go after the designated (usually assigned by the ones in power) scapegoats than the ones that are actually the root cause of it all

  • Rohan Hampson

    American healthcare is fucked.

    • BlackSwan

      This is true

  • Das Puggy

    “Officially licensed”? There is no one there who can do that!

  • editorial office

    why is my insulin addiction not free ?

  • Shivers

    “Adult 4chan man” might have to duke it out with Florida Man for the title of worst superhero.

    Having said that, the guy in the second picture is absolutely correct.

    Also, Narcan/naloxone isn’t just for drug addicts. Anyone on opiods can have a reaction. I have a naloxone kit.

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