Legend has it that a BMW driver once tried to signal and this happened.


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  • RC

    Illegal format reg plate too.

    • Entity

      It’s a UK plate, DM signifies the area which it was first registered, the 04 is the age and the last 3 letters are supposed to be random but were the order in which the plates were released. Probably not the original plate for that car buy pretty sure that’s a legal plate with the possible exception of the spacing between the D and M.

      • Snowstorm

        Yeah the spacing makes it illegal. Should read DM04 MED.

        The dodgy spacing can make it hard for ANPR to pick it up.

      • RC

        Exactly…spacing is wrong hence an illegal format.

        I’m well aware how num at plates work.
        Incidentally 04 is the year of registration…not the age of the car.

        Also….on double yellows

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