Shirtless drunk idiotic thug gets some karma action

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  • The man that did that thing

    He ded? O_O

    • m4a4

      He slep.

    • Я Безымянный

      Hold it like that for more than 15 seconds after he stops moving, and he ded.

    • Haze1nut

      Nah. Contrary to what the movies teach, or that kid below talking about “15 seconds after he stops moving”, that’s not how real life works. Assuming this was a solid perfect choke hold, it wasn’t, he would’ve lost consciousness in less than 10 seconds and lost his life in around 5 minutes. Lets say 3 since he was drunk.

      • Я Безымянный

        Oh, it’s you again, Hard Straight. You don’t know that much about real life, do you? Ever heard of kids choking each other to death while playing? Police officers killing people they tried to apprehend? Do you really think they held sleeper hold for 5 minutes?
        Those who practice martial arts are taught first hand to release their holds immediately after the opponent stops moving (which the good guy does) and provide first aid if he doesn’t “wake up” in 20 seconds.
        Lights’ out due to obstruction of blood flow. Brain burns oxygen out fast, followed by emergency shutdown. The longer the brain goes without oxygen the harder it gets to “reboot” after the blood flow is restored. Prolonged cerebral hypoxia may lead to respiratory arrest. After this it’s a death spiral. Without adequate aid, that is.

        Being drunk also raises his chance of getting a stroke, since blood pressure in the head rises and the blood is thick and dehydrated. Basically, being drunk is a state of minor hypoxia on it’s own.

        • Haze1nut

          Im a surgeon. You sure you want to get into this argument, kiddo? Im sure your karate skills teach you more about human anatomy than my medical education…

          • Shivers


            Human brain can go 5-6 minutes without oxygen before *permanent death*. brain damage occurs earlier, which is why CPR says “two minutes’ break max (unless you’re gonna die yourself)” for a single person rescuer getting tired. And even the 2 minute mark is risky – just less risky than causing an exertional injury in the rescuer.

            Source: I’m a medic, yo. In fact, I briefly TRAINED other medics.

            Also, you’ve got it backwards. This chokehold cuts off blood, not air. The brachialis and bicep brachii muscles are flexed as hard as the restraining person can make them, to pinch the two carotid arteries, and the trachea rests in the angle of the elbow. The reason being that if the trachea is crushed, death will very likely follow. That’s the reason why this chokehold should NEVER be attempted by anyone not specifically trained in it, short of a life-or-death situation – you’ve got about a 50-50 chance of killing the person. But in a fairly fit, trained individual, such as a police officer, it can induce unconsciousness really fast.

            Don’t believe me? Hold your breath. I’d bet good money you can hold your breath far longer than the time of unconsciousness shown in this video above (assuming you don’t have any respiratory issues.)

          • Haze1nut

            False. These moves do not cut off the 2 carotids required since they sit next to the trachea and getting to them requires serious straight force, physics of which the human forearm doesnt meet unless youre choking out a toddler or small kid. In which case their trachea is damaged/crushed making the point mute. Source: been a surgeon for close to 20 years. Gastroenterologist, but residency was trauma. The relative quick “loss of consciousness” from these moves is due to 99.9999 of the time the person on the receiving end expels the air from their lungs and exerts energy trying to break free. Dont believe me? Breathe out, quickly tie a rope around your neck, then flail about trying to breath and see how fast you go limp. I promise you it’ll be way shorter than you think you can last. The “cut off blood flow” is a martial arts myth. The move wouldnt be legal in mma if it were medically accurate. No medical professional has ever or would ever back that claim up. I seriously feel bad for anyone you may have provided medical training to. But thanks for backing me up about not being able to kill someone with 15 extra seconds of holding the choke…

          • Shivers

            Mhmm. Well then please write in and complain to the authors of the multiple books that I trained people out of and tell them they’re wrong. Meantime, I’ll continue to follow those because that’s what my medical directive is signed as.

            Though I admit I’m not trained in this move beyond knowing of it’s sanctioned and (mostly) nonlethal use by law enforcement, as represented to me by an officer. I could ask the deputy chief I know if I were really bored but I’m saving that favour for something worthwhile.

          • Я Безымянный

            I went and checked what you said. Yup, still BS. Even slight reduce in blood supply turns the brain off.
            Shivers’ making much more sense than you do.

    • Shivers

      Asleep in a few seconds, brain damage in 2-5 minutes, dead could be basically anywhere after about 5 or so depending on the person, but it’s just basically a simulated short-duration heart attack from the neck up by compressing both carotid arteries to the brain. If it’s done correctly, the windpipe is untouched; the person never even stops breathing, so the rest of the body just has a nap.

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        I think it might be an easy thing to fuck up, and there’s a potential for serious complications such as death if the recipient has certain health issues. Not something to be used lightly…

        “Hey Jeb, I can’t sleep, you got anything?”
        “Sure do, Dale. Turn ’round for a minute.”

        • Shivers

          Oh, absolutely. It’s one of those things that has to be taught and trained professionally.

  • Dragonofarbitration

    Street justice is swift.

  • Andre Poreskin

    No one escapes the sleeper!

  • Fokke

    Dutch cops (supposedly) killed a guy with that move a while back. Became quite a scandal.

    • Oy Vey

      American cops did that, too. It was a scandal as well, then we all forgot about it.

      • RC

        It was only a scandal because they killed somebody without shooting them.

        • Flingebunt

          I think the scandal was that they killed them with their hands, rather than with firearms, which is the American way.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      What was your guy accused of doing? Our guy who the cops killed that way was selling single tobacco cigarettes.

      • Haze1nut

        That’s not what got him hogtied, though. I mean, they didnt just see a guy illegally selling cigarettes and went “oh shit! We have to hogtie this motherfucker!” did they? Pretty sure he got belligerent when he was approached about it and they attempted to arrest him…

      • Fokke

        It was during a music festival. He was taunting the police. Telling them he’d show them his weapon while grabbing his crotch. When they told him to shut up off and move on, things got out of hand. Just fooling around basically and overzealous cops.

  • Flockacox

    What was that guy going to do with the bike though?

    • Dennisch

      Tried to ride all over that bitch.

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      He was holding it so that it doesn’t slide around in the train. Don’t know why he’s holding it like that, maybe to create more room for people sitting down

    • Andre Poreskin

      Getting ready to disembark…

    • Shibuya

      looked like he would hit the shirtless guy with it

  • Mounty1103

    there is always a bigger fish

  • RC

    Player 3 has joined the game.

  • BearnieZardoz

    Should be sent working in a quarry with a tiny hammer for the next 10 years.

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