I’d like to speak to your manager

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  • Bloodstrupmoen

    I like the “I don’t remember what is was about” part. Like that doesn’t matter. While she sounds hysterical she could have a perfectly viable cause.
    So this guy could be a major asshole and just covers it up with I don’t remember.

    Or it’s just all made up!

    • Mounty1103

      i bet on the made up thing

      • Jake

        Have you ever been to a Subway in a small town? I totally believe this. None of those kids have been working there more than a week tops usually.

    • BearnieZardoz

      There are enough idiot customers out there. And enough people who get offended for not having a reason to be offended. If she’s one of those, I wouldn’t remember her (un-)reason to be offended after a few days.

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