Old Friend

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    Which black heart downvoted this soulsnap?

    • Daemonius


      • Clay Johnson

        I have cats. I up voted. I bet it’s those damn hamster and gerbil people.

    • Mounty1103


  • BFG

    Now if this was toy story, imagine the adventures that they shared.

    • Raedwulf

      Why is someone cutting onions?

  • lizziesmama

    That dragon sure does look nice for however much time has passed. My dog’s toys all look like roadkill within a week.

    • FizzPop

      I have always been so surprised at how my family dog’s toys are still in good shape.
      She has this little plush ducky that gets “killed” so frequently – she grips it around the neck and shakes it like crazy, but it even still has the ribbon tied perfectly around it’s neck…. It gets filthy, but in and out the wash, it looks brand new again. It’s been 12 years.

  • Amber Mari

    <—- My old friend…. Almost 30, and Fluffy is still next to the bed.

    • Amber Mari

      And Fluffy doesn’t say “Oh bother” but I imagine him with sort of a Pooh Bear voice.

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