Running Aarons

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  • apgrovas

    Please tell me that sje also has a brother named Aaron, and on weekends her dad and brother competed running Aarons.

  • Ashen

    in Australia Aaron is pronounced with the same ‘Ar’ noise as Arrow, I find Americans tend to say “Erron”

    • lizziesmama

      Arrow and Erron are the same sound to me.

      • Ashen

        we sort of say “Ah-Ron” like how you would pronounce the start of ‘Aardvark”, to our ear, you pronounce it the same as the girls name “Erin”.

        Another one is Meghan, we would say “Mee-gun” whereas to us, US speakers say “May-gun”.
        The last one I know is Bianca, where we say “Bee-anka” like “ankle” and to our ear, US speakers say “Bee-unka” like “thunk”.

        • FizzPop

          Ugh, the way US American’s pronounce Bernard makes me gag.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    A whole new meaning to “did you finish those Aarons errands?”

  • TheCHEAT

    it´s called A-A-rons

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