So, there actually is a use for spoilers

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  • Amber Mari

    Thank you. I will use this.

    • Amber Mari

      UPDATE: I got a call from some bs and I was ready to use this, but they were looking for Marea (my mom) and called her a senior, and I had to turn it around and say “ain’t no seniors here, bitch” and hung up. My mom might be 64, she might’ve almost died 5 years ago, but she’s smoked a pack or more a day and liked her daily Johnny Walker and still looks like she’s 40. No wonder I still look like I’m 16, and I’m having MANY thoughts about reaching 30 July 1st with none of what I thought would be happening. NOBODY in this house is old! FOH

      • perthaussieguy

        Damn, I’m 62 and if someone called ME a ‘senior’ I would give them a death stare – even on the phone!!

        • Amber Mari

          IKR? The cultural differences me and my bg have, he said a woman being 30 is old… Like, My mom had me at 34, her mom had her at 36, my mom is 64 and looks 40, I’m 29 and look 16, “OLD” ain’t in out DNA. Either we’re 16, 40. or 90.

        • Damien Hampton

          relax senior

          • perthaussieguy


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