Guys, you know it’s true.

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  • perthaussieguy

    And quite a few of the women who ‘look like that at older men’, have $ signs in their eyes.

    • gar

      or €

    • Johnny Alpha

      as I noted !!

  • BearnieZardoz

    Upvote solely for Imhotep.

  • Mango

    Women LOVE younger men. This pic is only true if you’re like 16 lol

    • Nora Bora


  • Ara Raven

    When I was 15-21, I wasn’t too keen on guys younger than I was because nobody does puberty gracefully, but damn the puberty stick can hit guys HARD. I hung out around my brother’s male friends a lot because hey, I had no friends of my own and I was bored on the farm in the middle of nowhere, so I got used to being around males 4 years older than I was. That is, strangely, still true, as my husband is 4 years older than I, and my boyfriend 5 years older. But, as a nearly-30-year-old lady, I definitely still gaze lustfully upon men in their 20s, men nearly 40, women in their 20s, and women nearly 60.

    I think……… I think maybe sexual attraction is more complicated than blanket statements concerning age. MAYBE. Then again, maybe I should just talk more. That will clear things right up I’m sure.

    • Johnny Alpha

      lots of N°s … !!

      however – “maybe sexual attraction is more complicated than blanket statements”

      with you! ;D

  • Jake

    I could not handle the dating world again. Girls in their twenties piss me off.

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