Sassy black lady is on her way

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  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    …of color. What a weird thing to say! There’s green, red, blue, yellow, but ‘of color’, wtf? White IS a color. Otherwise, are we suggesting white people are transparent??

    • Snowstorm

      No, but we live in a society where “person of colour” is a well established way of saying “non-caucasian”. Which is how language works.

      • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

        Riiiiiiight this IS how language works… regardless of the fact that there IS a term to separate whites from non-whites (non-caucasian) we use the language to feed our self-entitlement and come up with ‘person of color’. To that regard, since it’s soooooooo wrong to see and speak of ‘color’, why did we transition from non-caucasian – which is color neutral – to straight up calling people OF COLOR?
        Also, also, what happens when a dirty ol’ whitey goes tanning? Would he not be of color? I sure as hell know my white skin gets chocolaty dark like that of a gypsy, who is, of course, of color.

        • Snowstorm

          Practically every word in the English language has synonyms that mean the same thing. Often because they have slightly different meanings.

          In this case it’s because Caucasian, while often used synonymously with white, technically includes races from Europe, middle East and through Asia.

          Also it’s more common for “common sounding” terms to be used more regularly than “scientific sounding terms”. Hence why we call a dog a dog and not a canis familiaris.

          Why is it that you’d be happy to use one terminology (non-caucasian) yet not another (people of colour)? Does one perhaps have negative connotations to you? That’s how people of colour feel about most of the terms that’ve been used to describe them in the past.

          • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

            I’d be happy to keep calling people: by their names, nationality and gender. I see no reason, scientific, common or otherwise, to define, for example, some US Americans as ‘of color’ while others… of no color.

    • Patchy

      No, we are saying white people are racist.

  • AcidMan

    I don’t like Brie Larson, it’s literally the only thing keeping me from watching anymore Marvel movies.

    • Andrew Clayton

      Her role in endgame was pretty much irrelevant, just a device to move the plot forward once or twice.

    • Johnny Alpha

      but, but if she let me snuggle her breasts, would I be a traitor?

      • AcidMan

        No, you go forth and do so at your own peril.

    • That Guy

      The real reason you shouldn’t watch the captain marvel movie is because it’s shit. By far the most pointless and boring MCU movie. Completely pointless, there was no struggle and no real character development. She could beat the bad guys with her eyes close as long as she “believed in herself”. That’s fucking dumb

      • AcidMan

        Honestly I just want some R-rated shit, I’m tired of these kids superhero movies. I could care less what happens in Endgame 4 and Avengers 26.

      • FFrost

        She’s also way too powerful for her backstory. There should have been more to her “creation” than the explosion of a super powered hyperspace engine.

        • That Guy

          Right, what the hell was that about??? Forget the super soldier serum, you can make an army of super duper soldiers by blowing up a hyperspace engine. It was a fucking mcguffin, her real power was being knocked down but she gets back up again…like a fucking chumbawumba song.

  • Matt D
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