‘Do you wanna know how I got this scar?’

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  • apgrovas

    Nah, this girl is right. It is amazing that the lot of us adults are just continuing driving our cars, flying our planes, eating all of our burgers, dumping all of our plastic as if climate change is never happening while just kicking the can of climate destruction down the road to them, our children that will pay for our stupidity. She is right. We should feel fear and do something about it.

    • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

      Like what, for example?

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        1. You can take steps to reduce your own carbon footprint a little. Not saying you have to make drastic changes, but small changes here and there can add up if we all make a little effort. For example I let it get warmer in my house before I let the AC come on, sitting naked in front of an electric fan uses WAY less electric than cooling the whole house a degree or two, and I’m just as comfortable. In the winter I wear heavier clothes and let it get just a little colder (Ok not anymore because my wife’s from the Philippines and thinks she’s dying if she has to put on a sweater, but I try.)
        2. When you have a choice, buy products and services from eco-friendly companies.
        3. Write letters, actual paper letters, to politicians asking them to do something.
        4. Write letters and/or emails to corporate heads of eco-unfriendly companies telling them why they lost your business.

        You may say that nothing will change by doing these things, and you might be right, but if enough people make these small changes, they add up to significant changes. Of course no one wants to make major personal sacrifices when we know that our individual effort has basically zero net effect, but if we look for little things we can do that don’t take much of our time, money or comfort, and enough of us do these things, it will add up.

  • Trevor

    Did her cut heal on its own?

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