Why do we need to be warned it’s made in Finland?

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  • Ambrose Cruicksley

    I should have a warning tattooed on me: “Warning: Made in America.”

    • Rokas Akanichas

      Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE, tho?

      • Ambrose Cruicksley

        Actually yes.

  • anders

    As a neighbor I wounder that too, grinds my gears (with p80) .. Quite a few great things comes from Finland: Tires, Linux and some years ago the best phones…
    But maybe we suck? https://youtu.be/C5CRqSn7F7I

  • a455olds

    Have you tried that salty licorice candy they make? That crap deFINitely needs a warning label.

    • anders

      Love them!

    • Daemonius

      Finnish candy is the best, Sisu, Turkinpippuri, Lakritsi and Salmiakki.

      It’s funny how people eat spicy hot peppers and warheads and such but then can’t handle salmiakki.

  • Chuck B

    One word, Surströmming!

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