Chicken slap

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  • perthaussieguy

    Non physicist here; I reckon it would disintegrate

    • m4a4

      Yes, but would it be cooked before then?

      • seth clammy

        no, cooking needs time, would get burned at best

  • Mango

    Everyone? I haven’t heard this once in my life lol

  • brujah1381

    Maybe, or you could just put in the oven like someone that isn’t a psychopath

    Or a frying pan, or a rotisserie, or a pressure cooker, the point is there are options besides slapping a chicken at mach 4 1/2

  • Andrew Clayton

    That’s over mach 4, closer to mach 5. Since Newton’s third law states “for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction”, it doesn’t matter if you’re slapping the chicken, or the chicken is hitting you’re hand. People know of the chicken gun from mythbusters, but it’s also been used by Boeing and the USAF, Boeing having shot a chicken at 410 mph into the windows of a 757 and is described as “a very messy test”. The mythbusters test was filmed and easily accessible though, so we can kinda judge based on that. it shows the chicken breaking apart into shreds at 0:12 in. Multiply that speed by roughly 900% and its highly doubtful the chicken would be in any solid piece large enough to be judged whether its cooked or not, and might even undergo sublimation (solid to gas). You’re hand on the other hand would be cooked, or rather burnt, as the friction from going that fast would most likely cause it to superheat similar to something entering the atmosphere; and then when the slap lands would also probably disintegrate like the chicken.

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