As someone working in IT, this is me. Every morning right after entering the office.

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  • slayz
  • m4a4

    Now here’s a series I need to rewatch…

    • The009

      I can’t count the number of times I have watched this entire series from start to finish.. First thing I thought was “Isn’t that hot?” LOL

      • Mounty1103


    • Johnny Alpha

      I remember (ish) the film … so I should watch the series?

      • m4a4

        If you like a scifi that doesn’t always take itself seriously, yes.

        • Mounty1103
          • m4a4

            SGU 2.0

        • Johnny Alpha

          like ‘Firefly’ ?

          • m4a4

            Sure? But not western (though there might be an episode or few with that theme. Can’t remember lol)

    • Daniel Emberton

      Atlantis is still best stargate.. fight me!!

      • m4a4

        But, but… MacGyver!

        Eh, I don’t really have a favorite between the 2. I’d just watch all the way up to SGU, and then decide if I want to watch that tone shift for the few cool parts…

  • Zoe Isabeau Graves


  • Patchy

    Stop waking up with just enough time to get ready to leave the house for work. Wake up before you leave the house. You’ll thank me later. Also, stop going to sleep so late. No, your “circadian rhythm” doesn’t control your sleep patterns. You do. If you want to sleep early and wake up early, you can do that. Doesn’t matter what your circadian rhythm is at the time. We are not defined by some bullshit like that. You sleep in because you want to sleep in, not because you need to sleep in. You can wake up early and be a “morning person” if you WANT TO BE. If you don’t, then stop fucking complaining about being tired when you get to work. It’s you’re own damn fault.

    • Johnny Alpha

      With you!
      my alarms are set for 04:30 & 05:00, never hear them ring, I switch them off when I get out of bed …

    • Shivers

      As a shift worker who has to alter their sleep patterns every few months… you are full of crap. Sorry. Perhaps you are one of the few lucky enough that you can alter your sleep schedules on a whim. Not me. Given one week, I can alter them enough to be functional, and sleeping through an alarm is aaaaaaalmost unheard of for me. However, shifting my sleep schedule entirely takes about 3 weeks, and even that has some limits. I tried for four months to achieve a 4am wakeup time and was entirely unable to. Night after night I’d go to bed at 7-8pm and I’d toss and turn til 10 or 11. Can’t blame it on caffeine either, I’m not a caff drinker. While it is absolutely true that most people can alter their schedule to a certain degree, part of it is cued by light and dark cycles.

      • m4a4

        I’m with you on this. Can’t shift my schedule to save me. Going to bed even an hour or 2 early usually means being awake in bed for those few hours lol.

        Heck, went on vacation for a week and I woke up at 7am their time (10am here) like clockwork every day, despite some late nights. It didn’t shift at all.
        Though, to be fair, getting back home was a lot easier……

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