Modern trash

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  • Cayne

    my mom is an artist and owns a gallery and she really worries about some of the art that actually gets portrayed. my mom is a metal smith and makes some pretty cool shit but dear lord some of the things she has seen is just god awful.

    ps. a little push for my momma. here is her site

    • Ambrose Cruicksley

      I like metal smithing. Next time I’m in AZ, I’ll have to stop in.

    • Shivers

      Well, you know the old saying. You smelt it, you dealt it.

  • Dreig

    It was NOT worth thousands of dollars, only those snobby art critics who have shit for brains claim it was. It was just trash, deal with it you modern art shitbags. Watch this video by PJW that sums it up perfectly

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