Now, what could go wrong with this harmless prank?

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  • HoodieDog

    Let me crop that for you.

    • Marcus

      Not all heroes wear capes… some just rock a hoodie.

    • perthaussieguy

      Sure, do whatever you need to do, sir 🙂
      I have no idea how to handle that

  • apgrovas

    Two of you need to dress up as Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, if not this will simply be incomplete.

  • The man that did that thing

    50 friends…

    “To dream the impossible dream…”

  • Dennisch

    Next week on Cops: pranksters get shot!

  • Jake

    Story time.

    Back when I was in Scouts (16/17 yrs old) we were at this Campground out in the middle of nowhere pretty much. Five of us boys and one leader that we were all sure was in a biker gang. He rode his Harley everywhere and was pretty badass with his giant beard.

    Anyway there we are all standing around this fire and there was a police car that came around the loop. After he left we all joked that one of us should have started running when he came around. Well as luck would have it, he came around again…

    So Scott volunteered. Here comes the cop car driving all slow looking around… and there it drove off. He chickened out.

    But fate smiled upon us. Here came the car a third time and Joey ran for it. The cop jumped out of his car and took off after him. We couldnt see what happened because the brush was too thick. But sure enough 5 min later out they both come Joey in handcuffs scares out of his mind. Hahahaha

    Well after the leader did his explaining and telling him we were all idiots he was let go. The cop was chill and had some of our Dutch oven dinner then off he went. I guess the dude he was looking for was called in as found right after he tackled our buddy.

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