Once you know, you know.

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  • Name_Unknown

    I think Plato first mentioned that. He said that there was no right or wrong in nature. There could be error, or mistakes, but never right or wrong.

    • BFG

      Maybe Playto stole the idea from Mark Twain.

      And before anyone takes this seriously, yes I know.

      • Vava

        Yeah, everyone knows Plato isn’t a planet anymore.

        • Gregor

          You know it’s purely plutonic right

          • Vava

            That means “related to cartoon dogs,” right?

    • FFrost

      It’s spelled Play-Doh.

  • Shibuya

    i disagree partially with that. most intelligent animals have some sort of right from wrong (not as much as people) just like they have feelings and emotions. there are animals out there that are complete dicks. Example: Sankebetsu brown bear incident. the bear was defiantly using the people as food it would not need that much by any means.

    • Cayne

      but does the bear know what it did was wrong other than being yelled at by a person? it is doing exactly what it would do in nature. stockpile food in preparation for suddenly not having any. it is a learned behavior which makes it intelligent but not evil

      • Shibuya

        i will say the 1st house it hit was 100% for food. 2 adults though is enough food for weeks.
        changing to a general theme for a minute. Hunting for food is normal natural and fine. hunting for sport and discarding prey is not, i find that to be a evil. killing a deer to cut off its head and leave the rest is wrong.

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