Gentlemen’s club

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  • Dragonofarbitration

    Why is no one driving?

    • Tanya Wicht

      It is a bus, the driver is at the front – out of sight.


    I’ve been waiting for years for this opportunity. Here goes:

    A father and his son were in their car on the way to the supermarket/mall. On the way, they passed a knocking shop/bordell. Son says, “Dad, what’s that?” Dad says, “Errrr…. that’s…errrr… a house of pleasure”. Son asks, “What can you buy there?”. Dad says, “…errrr…pleasure!”.
    They arrive at the mall/supermarket, and Dads give his son a tenner and says that they’ll meet back here in 30 minutes. Off they go.

    Son goes up to the “House of Pleasure” and knocks on the door. The woman of the house opens up and asks what the boy wants. “I want to buy some pleasure” he says. “How much do you have”, she asks. “I have a 10 bucks” he says. She opens the door and invites him in, where she takes him directly to the kitchen and spreads him 10 sandwiches.

    A while later, Dad and son meet up in the mall/supermarket. Dad asks son how his Mcdonalds was. Son: “I didn’t go to McD’s”. “OK, Burger King then”. Says, “Nope, not there either. I went to the House of Pleasure”. Dad a little shocked, but proud asks his son how it was. Son replies:

    “I only managed the first 3. I had to lick the rest”.

    • slayz
    • Johnny Alpha

      A lady and her son were in a ‘black cab’ when they went past King’s Cross Station, noticing all the prostitutes, the boy asked …
      “Mummy, what are all those women waiting for?”
      “Well Johnny, they’re waiting for their husbands to finish work so they can go home”
      The taxi driver, being your normal London cabbie, says …
      “Listen son, they’re tarts, they fuck men for money!”
      Pause … then Johnny goes
      “Mummy, do tarts have children too?”
      “Of course Johnny, where do you think taxi drivers come from?”

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