A real mechanic

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  • BearnieZardoz

    The level of outspoken righteous ignorance points to a certain country.

    • perthaussieguy

      I have (U) no Idea (S) of where you (A) mean

      • BearnieZardoz


      • fanofde4ever

        I’m from the US, and I can confirm we have more than our fair share of idiots and entitled people.

        • perthaussieguy

          We have our fair share

          • an otter one bites the dust

            let’s be honest, we all have plenty of them.

  • brujah1381

    She must also enjoy egg white omelettes

  • Dreig

    Ameritards and their stupid ass automatic transmission

    • Andrew Clayton

      Whats with the hate for automatic transmissions?

      • Shivers

        They’re generally far less fuel efficient*, have less power*, increase the weight of the vehicle (even MORE fuel consumption), have more parts to potentially break, and compared to an experienced driver’s manual car will have much more brake wear too. (Don’t mention old-school transmission fluid. That’s basically not an issue anymore unless you crash.) The only advantage of AT is that it’s almost idiotproof. (I actually HAVE been a passenger in an automatic car when someone stalled it.)

        Note: I’m excluding CVT and DCT variants for the purposes of this comparison. Both of them split the difference, getting almost the efficiency of a manual with the ease of AT, but with a commensurate upspike in price. Hence why they’re not on the base models.

        * It IS possible to find newer cars where the automatic transmission variant claims to have equal or better economy and/or more torque than a manual. There are three reasons; judge their respective weights for yourself. One, modern ATs do physically couple their drives at speeds that are both high and constant (Read: Open highway.) This helps boost the percieved fuel economy with the “Highway” rating. Two: If you add more automatic gears, as in, more than the manual gets, you can tune a narrower power band; EG an 8 speed AT will probably outdo a 5 speed MT, even after the weight penalty. Mind you, that’s rare. Most AT cars have fewer gears than their MT counterparts. More complex ATs add a chunk to the upfront price tag. Also means that if you ever need transmission repairs it’s a whopper of a bill. Third, driver technique is entirely ignored for official MT numbers in the USA – almost every driver that actively prefers manual (instead of just buying for the price tag) will tell you that they beat the official fuel numbers by anywhere up to 10%. Manufacturers test the manuals under a handicap; possibly because it’s bad press if one random bad driver starts facebooking or whatever about their fuel economy… or maybe because having less complexity in your supply chain boosts profit.

        • Peter Williams

          all of this!

        • slayz

          well said.

      • Dreig

        Apart from it being less reliable, having shorter lifespan and increasing fuel consumption (unless you have one of those overpriced 8+ gears ones) it allows total brainlets who have no business operating a vehicle to drive. Look at all those idiots who plowed into crowds because “me confuse brake and gas pedals, me in shock and not know how to stop”. Anybody that stupid would never be able to drive if confronted with a manual transmission vehicle.

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