It’s still a no, Craig


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  • IMHO

    Well with your parents, you normally call them mom and dad, not by their first names. But try dating someone who has the same name as your sibling. And then be intimate and call out their name. I’m sure it would be hecka weirder.

    • Richard Rejmer

      Unless you’re from Alabama. .

    • Daniel Emberton

      “sibling replies from next room”

    • ItsFluffyTho

      Lemme tell you something. If I wind up with a guy named Therman (my dad’s name), it’s cancelled. At least Craig is a commom-ish name. I call my dad Dad, but no way in hell can I see myself having to say Therman even on a regular basis. Just having to write this, 1/3 through, my eye is twitching,

  • Mym Zy


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