Dat feel when you go out for a walk in Europe right now…


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  • BearnieZardoz


  • Rokas Akanichas

    Can confirm.

  • IMHO
  • Johnny Alpha

    Weell now, Bretagne and Normandie are still ‘green’ on the weather map but even we touched 29° here in Le Havre.

    • Johnny Alpha
    • Flingebunt

      I saw orange zones at 44, how hot to do you need to score a red?

      • Johnny Alpha

        I didn’t know … so did some checking …
        officially (Meteo France, a govt manage info-service) 48°
        but other sites say it’s when you need to put ice in the rosé …

        • Flingebunt

          I heard it was so hot that many French people had both a glass of wine and a glass of water with their dinner.

          • Johnny Alpha

            Shocking!! right?

          • Flingebunt

            I have heard it is so hot in Spain that they are waiting until the late afternoon when it is cooler to have their siesta.

          • Johnny Alpha

            true dat! But in Paris, they’re just taking the piss out of the tourists

          • Flingebunt

            I wanted more “Its so hot in Europe jokes.” Like..

            It is so hot in Italy right now, the don’t get angry when tourists order gelato and call it ice cream.

          • Johnny Alpha

            ;D I did too!! I wasn’t on point yesterday so can’t take the fall …
            …but there is one (sooo non-PC) out there about Portuguese women and shaving which I’ll try and smuggle past Hoodie later …

          • Flingebunt

            Good one…here is my lamer one

            It is so hot in Europe right now that the UK is trying to fast track Brexit to stop the heatwave crossing the channel.

          • Johnny Alpha

            “We’ll have none of yer foreign weather …”

          • Flingebunt

            That is the problem with the EU, they want to impose their standards on everything. But we won’t have any of those clear skies and warm summers…no way.

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