Every bunny was kung-fu fighting…


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  • Carlos the Dwarf

    If you think rabbits are nice, you don’t know jack about rabbits.

    • Crystal Livingstone-LeBlanc

      Well, since those are most likely Hares…I won’t continue that thought

      • Mango

        Yeah those are most def hares (to be fair some rabbit species look like hares). But rabbits are equally known to box like this (and other crazy behaviors). I’d say rabbits are meaner since they have a dominance hierarchy unlike their loner leporid siblings.

    • Dreig

      Still better than jackasses

      I meet dozens everytime I drive, holy shit

  • Trevor

    It’s the flashing lights, they think they’re at a rave.

  • Flockacox

    It would have been way better if that guy that punched the kangaroo in the face came out and punched these rabbits in the face

  • Mym Zy

    Whata hare-raising situation yikes!

  • Pickles

    Watership Down back flash!

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